Since 2012, Welch's has been shipping into Amazon's Fulfilment Centres (FC) by consolidated load via Palletline. As a long-standing member of the Palletline network, we're thrilled to be one of Amazon's only preferred carriers pallet network partners.

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As a Prefered Amazon Carrier, our pallet network ensures your goods make it to Amazon Fulfilment Centres on time in full- with fixed daily delivery slots we remove the red tape, the risk of failed booking fines and many other benefits.

Our pallet network Palletline is the only pallet network to hold Amazon's perferred carrier status for inbound deliveries. It handles the bookings and administration for its members, who run into Amazon's 22 fulfilment centres around the UK and into Europe.

Palletline has daily discussions with Amazon through its deadicated Amazon team and weekly meetings ensure we're able to keep up-to-date with any changes to Best Practice & Operating Hours and able to keep you abreast of Seasonal Opening Times & Deadlines of each FC along with any challenges they may face during peak trading as they happen.

If you are an Amazon supplier or vendor and are finding it increasingly difficult to stay within your compliance window, click here to see for yourself how we can give you back your peace of mind and to see a selection of our current Amazon customers who have found a more relaxing way to build their portfolios without the fear of fines.

Some of which also use our warehousing faciltiies to store their goods and call them off, through our easy use online customer portal, when its time for them to be shipped into an Amazon FC. Freight called off by 17:00pm can be picked and dispatched to an Amazon fulfilment centre that night for the following day (transit times dependent).


Customer Guide: How Best to Consign your Amazon Goods with Welch's

Service available at:

Welch's Transport Duxford
Welch's Transport Bedford

What is a Preferred Amazon Carrier?

Amazon works with selected carriers to consolidate domestic, less-than-lorry-load deliveries into their fulfilment centres. If you regularly send pallet deliveries that average between 1 and 13 pallets per delivery, then you are likely to benefit from using one of these carriers.

The main difference is a 'Preferred Carrier' has fixed daily delivery slots with consolidated loads, normally on a stand trailer basis. This removes the need for Amazon Sellers to book timed delivery slots and risk being fined for non-compliance.

What are the Benefits of using a Preferred Carrier?

Benefits include:

  • Carriers have daily fixed slots (including weekends) to deliver shipments across all fulfilment centres, so reduces the risk of non-compliance fines.
  • Carriers will book shipment deliveries on your behalf using 'Carrier Central. There is no need for you, the cusotmer,  to contact the Amazon fulfilment centre to book a slot. All you need to do is contact the carrier and provide your shipment details, such as FBA shipment ID, destination fulfilment centre and number of pallets, units and cartons. Note that all of these details are mandatory for deliveries going through the Preferred Carrier Programme.
  • Carriers are familiar with our delivery requirements, and will be able to advise you accordingly.
  • Amazon proactively keep Preferred Carriers up to date on FC delays and issues, which are easily fed back to the customer.

Additional Information - Conditions of this Programme

Customers must remember:

  • LTL deliveries must still be palletised before being handed over to the carrier, as you already do. Building pallets for transport to the Amazon fulfilment centres remains your responsibility.
  • You need to provide your carrier with the shipment details so that they can book an appointment via Carrier Central. Specifically, you need to provide your carrier with a valid FBA Delivery ID.
  • Transport remains at your cost and at your responsibility until the shipment is delivered to the Amazon fulfilment centre. You remain accountable for the payment of transport costs to the preferred carrier, and responsible for product and transport compliance.

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