General Haulage

Our experienced technicians manage our fleet of over 80 vehicles in-house, ensuring that all of our vehicles are maintained to the highest standards. Our consistently reliable service proves that we take haulage seriously.

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General Haulage

Our 80 plus vehicle fleet can offer a wide range of flexible haulage options. Vehicles include: Transit vans; 7.5 tonne, 18 tonne and 26 tonne curtain-sided rigids with tail-lifts; dry powder bulk tankers; 44 tonne artics with curtain-sided, double-decker and even flat-bed trailers.

Each of our vehicles contains compliant and tested freight-restraining systems with air-ride suspension which helps protect your goods. All vehicles are maintained in-house by our fleet engineers or by Welch’s sister business, WTL Truck and Van Centres, and are regularly renewed to meet and exceed current legislative and environmental standards. This provides a pleasant working environment for our drivers as well as ensuring our professional standards are maintained.

Our fleet is backed by more than 120 years of collective operational experience across each of our depots. Combine this with software that allows depot-wide visibility of all day-to-day freight movements, checkpoints and signatures and you can be assured your deliveries are in safe hands.

Service available at:

Welch's Transport Duxford
Welch's Transport Bedford
Welch's Transport St Ives

Are my goods insured?

Yes, virtually all freight carried within the UK is moved under the terms and conditions of ‘The Road Haulage Association Conditions of Carriage’. This is a standard form of conditions which set out, in formal terms, the haulage contract including insurance liability. Remember; regardless of how much your freight is worth, the maximum level of standard cover is £1.30 per kg of lost/damaged freight or £1,300 per tonne. This is calculated against the weight of damaged or unsalvageable freight and is based upon cost value and not selling value. We can cover your goods for more; get in contact with our team for more information. We are also able to offer ‘blanket cover’ for all movements if you are a regular customer. Please contact your local depot for more information. The full Road Haulage Association Conditions of Carriage can be found on the customer login/portal page.

What if I don’t need a whole trailer?

We can figure out the right distribution method for you, taking into account cost and delivery date. Our Pallet networks can get consignments of 1 to 3 pallets delivered on a next day basis to the majority of the UK- or more upon request. Our in-house groupage service means we can deliver any number of pallets anywhere in the UK on one of our own vehicles. Or, it may just be as simple as putting it on a smaller, dedicated vehicle. As a rule of thumb these are how many pallets of standard footprint (1.2m x 1.0m) you can fit on the bed of a LGV: • 7.5t = 8 • 18t = 14 • 26t = 16 • Trailer = 26 • Double Deck trailer = 45. If the goods allow, pallets are able to be double stacked. We will pick your freight up, bring it back to the depot and group it with other freight going to the same area to make it as cost effective as possible. Better still, why not store you freight with us for even faster dispatch?

Can you move anything?

Yes, within reason… We can move any freight which will fit within the bed space of the vehicle or trailer and not exceed its maximum laden weight. All of our variants of trailers and vehicles can come equipped with tail lifts - except the double deckers. Our Specialist Movements division can move anything which exceeds a normal trailer or vehicle; if you think it might be too long, wide, tall or heavy then we can find a solution. They can also provide trailers with built-on lifting equipment, making it ‘one move made easy’.

I think my freight includes Dangerous Goods (ADR)?

If you are in doubt then please contact our Duxford depot for assistance. One of our Dangerous Goods trained members of staff will be able to answer your questions. Our teams’ extensive experience, well-trained drivers, ADR-equipped vehicles and the advantage of being members of The Hazchem Network ensure we’re well-placed to deal with the safe movement of the majority of dangerous goods classes.

I need it picking up today, but not delivering until next week?

We at Welch’s understand the cost and inconvenience of having freight standing around, taking up space. Let us know your needs and we will be able to store the majority of goods on a short term basis. Our networks also offer economy level services where your freight will be held at the delivering depot’s site until the day of delivery rolls around- this way you can be sure that it is as close as possible to your customer, ready for the day of delivery.

How do I know what size vehicle I want?

Just let us know your freight’s profile and we can advise the most suitable type of vehicle and delivery method. See the above question ‘What if I don’t need a whole trailer?’ for a brief understanding of vehicle capacity and size. Remember we are here to help!

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