Contract Distribution

Contract distribution is one of our bespoke services that provides great benefits for any business running its own fleet. We can work in any industry to provide distribution services which take away all of the stress with a simple, monthly invoice.

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Contract Distribution

Welch’s Transport specialises in contract distribution and supply of new customer-liveried vehicles to support your distribution needs. We can supply vehicles of all sizes and customer-focused, CPC qualified drivers with corporate/branded uniform to present a cohesive professional image.

Welch’s works together with the customer to analyse its distribution profile and vehicle specification and can agree an appropriate length of contract. With our evolving technology and decades of experience we can even evaluate your current routes to ensure you are getting the best possible vehicle efficiency and productivity.

Welch’s Transport has put this in place for a number of companies including Hamleys of London, Spicer’s Space Age Office Furniture, Nursery Trades, Ardex UK Ltd, Paperchase and more.

Benefits of Contract Distribution (Financial, Brand, Technology and Operational)

Financial Benefits:

  • No capital outlay - which means capital can be invested within your core business.
  • Easier budgeting – the peaks and troughs of vehicle repair/maintenance are captured in a simple, consistent monthly invoice, improving cash flow.
  • Reduced management hours – Welch's Transport uses its expertise in efficient vehicle and driver management leaving you more time to focus on your core business needs.
  • Less depreciation risk – the vehicle's resale value is fixed at the start of the contract.
  • Less volatility of your costs – Welch's Transport evens out the unwanted financial spikes of fuel prices.

Brand Benefits

  • Improved brand awareness – liveried vehicles and uniformed drivers increase brand visibility on the road and at your customers' delivery points.
  • Improved perception of quality and professionalism – supported by a new and well maintained fleet.
  • Improved environmental credibility – the vehicles Welch's Transport supplies all conform to the latest EURO and LEZ requirements.

Technology Benefits

  • Forward-facing cameras – for evaluation and coaching of driver standards and for use in incident investigation.
  • GPS tracking devices – for accurate routing and communication of estimated time of arrival.
  • Digital Signature Capture – means timestamps are applied to deliveries and also allows electronic POD’s to be produced.
  • Driver de-brief technology - to monitor vehicle usage and drivers' lean-driving and defensive techniques which means more efficient use of fuel and safer freight while in transit.
  • Digital tachographs - for quicker and more accurate analysis to support compliance with The Vehicle Licencing Authority
  • FORS Certificated – this ensures vehicles are compliant with the latest safety initiatives and have full access to all sites across the UK and London.

Operational Benefits

  • No more down-time during vehicle repair or maintenance which means less disruption for you and your customers.
  • Driver sickness and holidays are covered from within Welch's Transport's driver complement, keeping the quality of your supply chain consistent
  • Driver CPC training completed by Welch’s in-house driver trainer, accredited by JAUPT
  • Welch's Transport takes on the management of compliance with The Working Time Directive.
  • Refuelling can be done at one of Welch's Transport depots, negating the need for the administration of driver fuel cards.
  • Vehicles reside at the customer premises by extension of Welch's Transport's O-Licence which means you have equal access to their use as you would if owned outright.
  • No need for your management team to be CPC qualified.
  • Scheduled maintenance of vehicles managed and carried out by Welch's Transport.
Service available at:

Welch's Transport Duxford
Welch's Transport Bedford
Welch's Transport St Ives

But I only have a couple of vehicles?

The smaller your fleet, the more you will benefit from having contracted vehicles and drivers: Having to maintain, manage and comply with the O-licence regulations, train a responsible member of staff to a manager’s CPC standard, invest in IT equipment to help with tachograph analysis and all other associated costs all add up to a big financial commitment. The smaller your fleet the less these costs are offset against each vehicle.

Let Welch’s free up your time and absorb these costs whilst adding value with our 80 years of haulage experience. Owning all our vehicles and premises outright means we are able to provide you with the lowest-possible, monthly, fixed price. Our financial strength and security also means we won’t be going anywhere, so you can rely on us for the next 80 years.

Is it possible for you to store my stock as well?

Of course, some of our largest customers not only store their finished product with us, but their raw material as well which improves operational efficiency, minimises the need for onsite storage and frees up space for expansion.

Whether it’s a single box, pallet, trailer or a whole warehouse you need, we can find a solution for you- some of our sites also feature segregated dangerous goods storage.

What if I don’t need a branded/liveried vehicle?

Contract distribution is never a ‘one service fits all’ model; this is why we don’t advertise standard contract packages. Some businesses just need a lorry once a week, some of our customers have a number of our trucks based at their premises and our drivers commute to your business as if they were your employees.

No two business models are the same so tell us what you need and we can do the rest. The main benefits of being on a Contracted Distribution agreement are that you free up valuable management time, focus clearly on your core business, remove many of the headaches associated with running trucks and allow us to manage your distribution, all on one, regular, weekly invoice.

But my business is nowhere near one of your sites?

Not to worry, a number of our customers operate our vehicles and staff solely from their premises. All management, compliance and vehicle servicing is arranged remotely from one of our sites. With the use of technology we always know where the trucks and drivers are, which means we have up-to-the-minute data to efficiently manage the operation.

Please contact our Contract Distribution team for more details.

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